WahmShoppes.com was created to offer mothers in business an affordable eCommerce solution. For the WAHM Community we offer a simple monthly hosting plan. For only $8.00 per month, we can host either your domain, or virtual site, this plan also includes at no extra charge our hosted eStore

What Our Hosting Includes:

*** Built-in Affiliate/Distributor mini sites - Now you can host your own affiliates/distributors in their own personalized mini site with auto generated links to your store.

  • WAHM Special Just $8.00 per month.
  • Free Full Featured eStore, Built-in cart.
  • Free Forum/Message Board
  • Free Postcards to friends built into the store.
  • FTP access.
  • 300meg of Storage site and store.
  • Unlimited products in the eStore
  • Up to 50 email mailboxes

What do you sell?

Jewelry, Candles, Clothing, Books, Videos, Arts & Crafts, Advertising, Homemade goods? Whatever you sell chances are WahmShoppes eStore can handle it. Plus at an affordable price! If you host with us on our WAHM Special hosting package for just $8.00/mo the eStore is free. If you don't host your domain name with us but choose to use a virtual setup, the eStore costs just $8.00/mo. We can host either registered domains or virtual webs. Don't know HTML? Great!! because there is absolutely no need for it with our store. We currently have 80 themes from which you can create your store within minutes. You can have a complete shake and bake setup. With the built in themes you can change the design of your store as fast as you select a new theme. If you don't want the themes, no problem you can create your own customized look & feel. The choice is yours, not ours!

WahmShoppes eStore

WahmShoppes Hosting package includes your own hosted eStore for getting your products quickly and easily onto the net.

  • Unlimited Products.
  • In-Stock or regular sales support
  • Form based product administration.
  • Self contained upload utilities for your product images.
  • Many option possibilities for each product.
See the feature list below

The store can handle both In-Stock products as well as regular items

Four Customization Modes

Beginners to Professional Web Designers.Diverse in it's ability to be customized, the store can be used by beginners that know little or no HTML programming to Professional Web designers.


Shake and Bake setup using built in themes.With currently 80 different themes to choose from you can setup your store within minutes.


Use your Logo and background.Setup your store within minutes using your own Logo, background, and buttons.

Mode #3 - Some HTML Programming required.

If you need more control over the frame design.Customization is still simple. Store colors, Fonts, all set within the store admin. Just two small html pages to customize the stores banner and main introduction frames are all that is needed. With the exception of these two pages there is no need to understand web or HTML programming. If you require help or assistance in creating your top and intro frames we have a list of resources for graphic and page designers.

Mode #4 - For the Professional Designer

Frameless configuration mode. Ideal for Professional Web Designers and for those that would prefer a non framed setup, this option requires a little more finesse than the framed and shake and baked Themes modes.

Find Feature Cart Designers: Live Store Directory

Self contained "Upload Utilities"

for uploading your product images. No need to use FTP software to get your pictures in the proper folder.

Form based product administration

All the information required about your product is done by simply filling out online forms. and in the case of adding pictures to your products you simply choose them from a dropdown box, automatically created from your uploaded pictures. There is no need to understand web programming to add, edit, or delete items.

Category driven

Create categories, then add products to the categories. Links on the Navigation bar are automatically created for you based upon your categories. Links can be either Plain Text or Button images.


Create sub categories that your products can be listed under. This provides for a more diverse way of presenting your products as well as reducing the number of main categories.

Protected Categories

Create categories that are password protected. this is ideal for establishing a wholesale as well as a retail segment to your store. Or add a Members area.

Built-in Gift Registry

Your customers can create and send multiple gift registries. The registry also works well with the stores Inventory control features.

Built-in Wish List

Your customers can bookmark products they wish to purchace at a later date.

Built-in Feedback

The store comes complete with a section for your customers to leave their feedback.

Built-in Ancillary pages

Contact-us, about-us pages, etc. no need to link to external web pages.

Built-in Links Page

Create and maintain a links page to provide your customers with addition web sites that they can visit.

Built-in Reciprocal Links Directory

Mode #4 exclusive. A Link Directory allows you to maintain a reciprocal Directory of external Links.

Show or not show "Sold" products

Simply chose by means of radio buttons whether or not to continue showing your products in the store after it has been sold.

No annoying empty links

If there are no products listed in a category, or if you have chosen to not show the item after it is sold out and the category becomes void of sellable products then the category link will not show in the navigation frame. Thus eliminating dead links.

Product Images

Each product can contain two Pictures. The pictures are also click to enlarge for the customer to see a larger view. In addition if you would like to show more than two images you can create a picture page to hold additional images.

Picture Pages

No need to create external product portfolios, or fabric pages. Within the stores admin is the ability to create picture pages (Fabrics Pages, Portfolio Pages) these picture pages are reusable, you can create as many of them as needed. You insert them into your products by simply choosing the picture pages name from a drop down list box while creating or editing your products. There can also be a Picture Page link or button inserted into the left navigation frame for global fabrics or even a portfolio. You can even select the option to let the picture pages automatically create the dropdown boxes in the product. These picture pages also allow you to put an add on price on any of the items in it that you wish to charge more for.

Many option possibilities for each product

  • Radio button groups.
  • Check box groups complete with the ability to add a dollar value per option.
  • Dropdown list with the ability to control inventory per option, as well as the ability to add a dollar value per option.
  • Dropdown list for description only options.

View Uploaded Pictures

Utility within the stores admin to view all uploaded pictures

Manage Uploaded Pictures

Utility within the store to list and delete unneeded pictures

Self contained shopping cart

The store maintains it's own shopping cart.

Order History

The store maintains a history of all orders, it also allows for the reversal or deletion of orders.

Customer Listing

The store maintains a listing of your customers for future information and/or communications.

Return shoppers

Much like shopping at any of the big online stores, return shoppers can skip the customer information form by creating an account. Upon returning they simply supply their username and password and all information is then extracted from the customer list. Saving time and input errors.

Email Lost Password

If a customer forgets their password they can have it emailed to them by simply entering there email address.

Alternate Ship to

The customer can specify an alternate shipping location upon checkout.

Customer Support Information Services

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